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Lorde_-_Royals_(2013).torrent7.36 MiB8 months ago209015
Pentatonix - Royals (Lorde Acapella Cover) [256kbps]7.47 MiB6 months ago602
USA Billboard Hot 100 Year End 2013 [Bubanee]747.20 MiB4 months ago36798
Lorde - Pure Heroine [2013] 32085.49 MiB6 months ago260288
Lorde - Royals (2013 - Single)7.36 MiB5 months ago6233
VA_-_Billboard_USA_Hot_Top_40_Singles_Chart_22-February-2014_(Bubanee).torrent318.70 MiB2 months ago37876
Billboard_USA_Hot_Top_40_Singles_Chart_4-January-2014_(Bubanee).torrent365.29 MiB3 months ago11824
VA_-_The_Official_p_40_Singles_Chart_(26.01.2014)_(mp3@320).torrent355.43 MiB2 months ago26820
Lorde-Pure_Heroine_(iTunes_Version)-201372.91 MiB6 months ago25815
Lorde - Pure Heroine (2013) (Album)92.22 MiB6 months ago2480
Lorde - Pure Heroine (2013) (Album)92.22 MiB6 months ago2205
Lorde - The Love Club (Album) (Mp3)27.47 MiB11 months ago26814
Now That's What I Call Music 86 Complete (320kbps)373.57 MiB5 months ago19417
Billboard USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 28-December-2013 [Bubanee]351.84 MiB4 months ago21024
VA-DJ_Whiteowl_-_R&B_Pt._101-2014-MIXFIEND.torrent108.87 MiB2 months ago1826
Various Artists - 2014 GRAMMY Nominees [2014] -[MP3-320Kbps]-[P2PDL]166.09 MiB2 months ago16211
Lorde - Royals (2013.Pop)63.17 MiB10 months ago17210
Billboard USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 8-February-2014 [Bubanee]350.14 MiB2 months ago15224
VA - Now Thats What I Call Music Vol. 49 [2014] [Mp3-320]-V3nom [GLT]181.06 MiB2 months ago15414
VA_-_Top_POP_Songs_of_2013_(2013)_(mp3@320).torrent314.96 MiB3 months ago370
VA-DJ_Smallz_-_Southern_Smoke_Remix-2014-MIXFIEND.torrent108.30 MiB2 months ago1126
Now_Thats_What_I_Call_Music_86_(pre_-_relese).torrent365.44 MiB5 months ago1047
Lorde - Pure Heroine (2013)(320kbps) by N('-')bin85.49 MiB5 months ago931
USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 23-November-2013 [Bubanee]348.04 MiB5 months ago7716
The_Official_UK_Top_40_Singles_Chart_27-10_(2013)_(320kbps)_(AciDToX8).torrent366.10 MiB5 months ago968
USA_Hot_Top_40_Singles_Chart_2-November-2013_(Bubanee).torrent384.21 MiB5 months ago8518
Lorde-Royals (2013) FLAC19.72 MiB5 months ago515
USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 17-August-2013 [Bubanee]333.27 MiB8 months ago598
Lorde - Pure Heroine [2013] [FLAC]236.94 MiB6 months ago566
[2013 Album] Lorde - Pure Heroine (Extended)(256kbps iTunes M4A)[theB.O.B]117.14 MiB3 months ago631
Billboard Top 100 (17.08.2013)[mp3]888.46 MiB8 months ago523
7197842.torrent349.78 MiB5 months ago6114
USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 14-Sept-2013 [Bubanee]377.78 MiB7 months ago4518
Nederlandse_Top_40_week_03_(2014)_MP3._DMT.torrent375.61 MiB3 months ago482
Lorde_-_The_Love_Club_(2013)_(EP)_(FLAC)96.83 MiB8 months ago698
VA - Trap Music Vol 18 from Kulemina (2013) MP3, 320 kbps.torrent438.24 MiB3 months ago110
Royals White Noise (Live from the BRITs) [feat. AlunaGeorge] - Single11.52 MiB1 month ago430
VA_-_Bravo_the_Hits_2013_(2013)_(2CD)_(Mp3-320)-V3nom_(GLT).torrent401.97 MiB5 months ago403
Nederlandse_Top_40_week_04_(2014)_MP3._DMT.torrent374.96 MiB2 months ago387
USA_Hot_Top_40_Singles_Chart_24-August-2013_(Bubanee)337.36 MiB8 months ago3110
Lorde Feat Rick Ross - Royals (DJ Rob Dinero Remix) {2013 Single20.14 MiB5 months ago390
Nederlandse_Top_40_week_45_(2013)_MP3._DMT.torrent385.29 MiB5 months ago282
VA_-_Bravo_the_Hits_2013_(2013)_The_Best_Of_@_2CD__320Kbps.torrent414.02 MiB5 months ago313
Nederlandse_Top_40_week_43_(2013)_MP3._DMT.torrent362.99 MiB5 months ago244
UK_Top_40_Single_Chart_(09-02-2014)~320kbps~(AryaN_L33T)(LittleFairyRG).torrent361.06 MiB2 months ago295
USA Top 40 Singles Chart + Top 100 Debuts ( 8-2-2014 )~CBR 320 kbps ~{AryaN_L33T}[LittleFairyRG]418.68 MiB2 months ago2311
Lorde Discography (MP3)126.06 MiB4 months ago403
Nederlandse Top 40 week 42 (2013) MP3. DMT390.09 MiB6 months ago197
Nederlandse_Top_40_week_52_(2013)_MP3._DMT.torrent363.90 MiB3 months ago414
The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart 01-12 (2013) (320kbps) (Aci351.41 MiB4 months ago352
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