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Zbrush 4R6 -Reupload- [TheFoundry]730.97 MiB1 year ago3714
Zbrush 4r6 - Windows745.06 MiB1 year ago1262
Zbrush 4r5678.06 MiB1 year ago721
Pixologic ZBrush 4R4 Portable Preactivated ---PMS.rar708.12 MiB2 years ago161
Zbrush_4_R4.torrent1.35 GiB2 years ago462
3D Art & Design - Maya - 3DMax - Photoshop - Cinema 4D - ZBrush (Volume 2, 2013)81.37 MiB1 year ago421
ZBrush 4244.62 MiB3 years ago70
ZBrush 4 R2 to R3 Lion Ready676.79 MiB2 years ago50
Zbrush 4R5 (Windows)[Installer crack]678.41 MiB1 year ago682
ZBrush 4 Release 6 OSX [Updateable]785.78 MiB1 year ago321
PIXOLOGIC_ZBRUSH_V4230.43 MiB4 years ago40
digital tutors introduction to zbrush 4r57.12 GiB1 year ago319
Beyond Photoshop - Advanced Techniques57.14 MiB1 year ago20
ZBrush 4 Release 6 OSX [Updateable]?1 year ago261
DigitalTutors-Creative-Development-Texturing-a-Realistic-Human-in-Maya-and-ZBrush-with-Cory-Cosper-[]1.54 GiB2 years ago20
Beyond Photoshop Advanced techniques integrating Photoshop with Illustrator, Poser, Painter, Cinema 4D and ZBrush41.51 MiB1 year ago20
ZBrush+Character+Creation:+Advanced+Digital+Sculpting+2nd+Edition.torrent32.95 MiB3 years ago20
3D World - Creative Techniques for ZBrush Creatures (December 2012)78.48 MiB2 years ago20
ZBrush 4 Sculpting for Games: Beginners Guide{BBS}19.86 MiB3 years ago181
eat3d-zbrush-4-character-creation-2.torrent1.22 GiB2 years ago3332
Digital-Tutors_-_Sculpting_Anatomy_for_Females_in_ZBrush.torrent3.04 GiB1 year ago151
gnomon introduction to zbrush 4 with scott spencer2.78 GiB2 years ago150
ZBrush 4 tutorials from www3.78 GiB3 years ago143
ZBrush Creature Design (Sybex)31.41 MiB2 years ago140
Character Modeling with Maya and ZBrush Professional polygonal modeling techniques43.59 MiB9 months ago140
Digital_Tutors_-_Creative_Development_-_Game_Character_Creation_in_3ds_Max_and_ZBrush3.69 GiB1 year ago144
Game Art Complete: All-in-One: Learn Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, and63.19 MiB3 years ago130
3D World Magazine - Discover Zbrush New Theory35.38 MiB9 months ago100
Eat3D - ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques 22 GiB2 years ago100
3D Artist - Maya Master 50 Zbrush Secrets Revealed And Professional Video Game Design (March 2014)56.96 MiB8 months ago70
Zbrush 4r5 (Mac)[Installer crack]724.28 MiB1 year ago241
Sculpting a Dragon Scroll Asset in ZBrush - DigitalTutors?5 months ago81
Digital Tutors - Creating Game Weapons in Softimage and ZBrush1.18 GiB4 months ago00
Pixologic_Zbrush_4.0_R2.torrent388.79 MiB2 years ago70
PIXOLOGIC-ZBRUSH-V4-0-XFORCE-[]243.07 MiB4 years ago70
ZBrush_4.0.torrent250.99 MiB3 years ago201
Digital Tutors.Caricature Portraits in ZBrush with Stanislav Shc3.53 GiB1 year ago61
Digital Tutors - Creating a Centaur in Zbrush.torrent1.86 GiB1 year ago60
3D World - Expert Mocap Techniques Master The Art of 3D Discover Zbrush- April 2014 - ( March 25, 2014 ).pdf48.33 MiB8 months ago60
Eat3D_-_ZBrush_Hard_Surface_Techniques.torrent1.23 GiB3 years ago60
Pixologic ZBrush 4R5 - Win | Mac678 MiB1 year ago60
ZBrush_4R6_(D.Azrael).torrent697.74 MiB1 year ago60
Pixologic ZBrush 4R4 Incl Keygen669.12 MiB2 years ago191
The Gnomon Workshop ZBrush For Character Artists930.20 MiB5 years ago192
Digital_tutors_-_Texturing_with_ZBrush.torrent475.13 MiB1 year ago50
ZBrush.torrent591.12 MiB6 years ago52
3D Artist - 50 LightWave Tips & Tricks + Sharpen Your Zbrush Skills (Issue 67, 2014)75.41 MiB7 months ago10
The Gnomon Workshop Realistic Skin with ZBrush and Keyshot-Tutorial1.51 GiB8 months ago33
Pixologic_Zbrush_4R5_Xforce_Mac.Win_keygen103.29 KiB1 year ago160
Digital Tutors - Texture Painting in ZBrush1.81 GiB1 year ago41
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